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2017 Annual Report


To see a society where growth and development are community driven and community based organizations serve as the foundation for sustainable designing and implementation of programs.


As agents of positive change, we promote community development through partnership, capacity building and intervention in health, education, leadership and environmental management programmes with the establishment of community based organizations for the benefit of all.


Olive Community Development Initiative (OCDI) is a Non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non-profit making organization with commitment to support community development programs by generating relationships to foster human and community development. This is achieved by linking community based organizations to various opportunities and support that exist for rural/community development as the need arises. Community based organizations, Faith based organizations, youth organizations and women groups are in turn supported in designing, implementing and sustaining their own programs.

OCDI was established in 2006 and registered with the Kwara State Ministry of Social Welfare as Agent of Change Development Initiatives with operations only in Kwara state but it later had a nationwide coverage and registered with the corporate Affairs commission as OCDI in 2011. Our focus areas are;

I. Community Health Initiatives,

2. Reducing poverty through livelihood programs,

3. Improving quality of Education and life building skills and

4. Environmental Awareness and management.


In the health sector we have provided Hiv testing services and other medical services with linkages to health centers for referrals and follow up in different parts of kwara and Anambra State. People in target communities in Kwara State has been reached with Interpersonal communication messages on malaria prevention and treatment while Communities in Moro and Isin LGAs in Kwara state has been reached with Local drama to aid behavioural change on malaria prevention and treatment.

Trainings on Leadership, Resource mobilization, creating a development plan, amongst others were provided for School Based Management Committee in Oke-Ero, Ekiti and Ifelodun LGA which equipped them with the skills to hold government accountable, commit to child protection, school development and quality Education. Enrolment rate in government schools and created an environment conducive for all children regardless of their special needs, Ethnic group and status in the community.

21st century skills’ training was provided for National Volunteers in hard to reach secondary schools who use the skills in making teaching and learning easier thereby increasing enrolment in science classes.

Life skills such as Self Esteem, Goal setting, Refusal skills and Adolescent reproductive health provided for girls in secondary schools increased their self-confidence and broke barriers by talking freely about reproductive health in our monthly girls Open day program in the office. Vulnerable women from different groups benefitted from our micro credit support which was used in boosting their business and yielded more income and profit.


In our Community Health Initiatives, we conduct medical outreaches to different communities and groups, we offer Malaria, Tuberculosis, Cancer and Hiv/Aids related services.

We are advocate for inclusiveness towards children’s education, we work to improve equal access to affordable, quality education for children and young people.

This programme is aimed at supporting women with financial and infrastructural resources for their business, which in turn increases their income and improve the general well-being of the household.



The National Graduate Volunteer Program aims at supporting the Kwara State Government in improving the teaching of science related subjects in 10 selected secondary schools in Ifelodun and Moro Local Government Areas of Kwara State.

In view of the above, the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Nigeria in partnership with Kwara State Ministry of Education and Olive Community Development Initiative (OCDI) engaged 10 university graduates with qualification in sciences to teach various science subjects in the selected schools for a period of one year subject to renewable based on their performance.

A Gap in teaching of science subjects was identified as an issue, and in order to bridge this gap, Voluntary Service Oversea (VSO) in partnership with the Kwara State Ministry Of Education and Olive Community Development Initiative (OCDI) engaged 10 National Volunteers who are to teach Science Subjects in senior classes using 21st Century Skills to make teaching more impactful, They engage in extra curriculum activities, quizzes, debates and celebration of international days as well as School based enterprise.


Concerted efforts are being made by the Governments, Civil Society Organizations, the Public Sector, the Private Sector and the family to find a lasting solution to the problem of Malaria. Hence OCDI supported by ACOMIN through Global fund and SFH provided advocacy support to communities to enable appropriate health seeking behaviour and demand for effective prevention and treatment.

Promotion of malaria knowledge and culturally acceptable communication messages (using appropriate behavioural change communication campaigns) to caregivers, health providers, heads of households, and general population to enable the uptake of appropriate malaria preventive and curative measures for themselves and their children especially for children under five with fever and pregnant mothers.

Advocacies were being carried out to policy makers, opinion leaders, religious/traditional rulers, and other relevant stakeholders to garner support and involvement in the health care of their communities as well as support the smooth delivery of services in Ifelodun LGA.

Communities in Ifelodun LGA are being targeted for inter-personal communication by ensuring that malaria control information is available to communities and provided by properly trained health service providers.


This is a global volunteering experience which supports young people from all backgrounds to make a real difference to some of the world’s poorest people. This initiative was lunched by the British prime minister in March 2011, and it is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), through Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

The program will give thousands of 18 to 25 year olds across the world the chance to join the world to fight against global poverty. In Nigeria, ICS is implemented by VSO Nigeria in partnership with Olive Community Development Initiative in Kwara State. OCDI has implemented the project in OkeEro LGA (Ilofa, OdoOwa and Egosi communities), Ifelodun LGA(Oke Ode),Asa LGA (ApataAjele) and still counting.


• To promote community development

• To promote youth development

• To develop youths with active global citizenship


Volunteers were able to encourage community inclusion/ involvement in their infrastructural projects, students were Introduced to computer, career aspiration talks were initiated, and Involvement of students and communities in other activities such as sports among others.


In 2017 we had the pleasure of working with and being supported by a wide-range of exceptional individuals, organisations, Supporters and businesses. We would like to thank all of them for their unwavering support.

Partners: Our thanks also extend to those who continue to pay for child sponsorship or make donations, we are grateful to our many supporters - our work would not be possible without you. Finally we wish to thank our amazing staff, volunteers from both the UK and Nigeria.

Thank you.



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